The Yellow Dresser

When my niece Ashely was about three years old  my husband would tease her about the fact that she couldn’t say the word yellow. At the time she dearly wanted a yellow umbrella. Of course she couldn’t say the words and it came out  as ” lellow umbrellella”.

I have been in a “lellow” mood lately. While getting ready for the spring Prairie Chick Market I wanted to paint something yellow. Yellow is such a happy and warm color. I picked up this lovely dresser from a friend of mine. I loved the lines and the original hardware. (I had already sanded the top when I took this picture.)

I had several ideas in mind for the dresser but in the end went with my first original thought, which was to paint it yellow. The three year old Ashley would have called it the “lello dressesser”, but the now grown up Ashley would call it the yellow dresser. Here it is in our quaint little breakfast nook at The Prairie Chick Market.

I did just a little distressing on the top drawers and the edges of the dresser itself. I plan on doing a little more painting on the detail of the front bottom three doors to make it pop and stand out.


Here is the dresser styled with a simple white vase and flowers. So sweet and pretty.

I love the vintage wooden shoe form. I have quite a few of these in the Prairie Chick Market right now. They make for a fun and sculptural piece of art. And might I add – affordable!

From tired and dark, to cheerful and clean. A dresser makeover that anyone can do and enjoy.

The “Lellow Dresseser”!

See you on the Prairie,

Shelly (the P-Chick)




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