A Night at the Rodeo

For the past several years Farm Boy and I have been taking our oldest grandson to the rodeo. It has become an annual outing and a memory maker for all of us. Last year our granddaughter decided she was old enough to go along. She was five at the time. We had great seats. Right above the gates where the bull riders came out of the gates. The little cowgirl loved it! She even made it through the whole rodeo.  She had made up her mind to see the rodeo and see the rodeo she did!

This spring my daughter and her husband were discussing with our grandchildren that we were coming for the annual Horse Fair. They also mentioned we were thinking of getting tickets to the rodeo again. The three year old immediately burst out crying that he didn’t get to go to the rodeo last year (mind you he was two the year before when we left him home with his parents) and he wanted to go to the rodeo this year. He didn’t know what exactly a rodeo was, but this time around he was determined not to be left behind. After all he had a pair of cowboy boots and a hat so as far as he was concerned he was all set to go. That and the fact that he is now ” a big boy” earned him the right.  (Never mind that the others were around five when they started going.)

Needless to say we capitulated and told the three year old he could come along. Here he is at the start of the evening.
Mugging for the camera and being silly.

Here is our beautiful cowgirl. Rodeos are serious business don’t you know? Too bad I didn’t get a shot of her matching pink boots!

And here is our eldest grandson sitting next to his Papa. They are great buds!

Each child had a favorite event. Bucking broncs, bull riding, full metal jousting, and  The One Armed Bandit, thrilled and added to the excitement of the evening. Of course popcorn and ice cream also helped to make the outing a huge success. Just as his sister had the year before, the three year old made it through the entire rodeo. Everyone had a grand time! Well not everyone…

Before we even got to the rodeo we received a text with these pictures from the children’s Auntie.

Awww. The baby wanted to come too. Shoes and coat in hand. I am sure if she could have found a cowboy hat she would have grabbed that too. From what I understand she had quite a story to tell her Mom, Dad, and Auntie. They could not understand a word she said of course, but they fully understood the meaning of the coat and shoes.

Next year she will be two and a half. I wonder if she would sit through the rodeo…hmm. What do you think?


See you on the Prairie!





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One comment

  1. Brianna
    May 22, 2012 at 3:47 am

    They are still talking about the rodeo. And I can’t get over that they were all still awake after the half hour drive home at 10:30 at night. Nothing like an exciting night out with Gramma and Papa!

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